For more than 30 years, Prempracha's Collection has been the producer of finest handmade ceramics crafted by talented local artisans. Together with talented Thai designers, we would like to introduce our brand, PREM Ceramics.

PREM Ceramics represents the link between past, present and future. Personifying the balancing dynamics of the expertise and creativity between generations. All items are handmade.


Due to our factory is situated in Bo Sang Village, a village well-known for its craftsmanship of traditional umbrella made from Saa paper, we acknowledge the amount of paper wastes generated during the umbrella making process. In order to help the community, we were inspired to turn those Saa paper wastes into use and that is the start of “Saa Paper Clay.” The mixture of Saa paper and clay give us lightweight yet strong and durable results. It also gives the piece organic textures which each item is rare and unique on its own. This concept not only help us as community, to use materials more efficient but also reduce waste and in turn, turn those wastes into beautiful and valued handicrafts.


Designed by Sarngsan Na Soontorn, this crafted vase series is designed to showcase a single flower or single stem at a time. So that we can fully appreciate the real beauty of a flower; its bud, bloom and wither. The base of the vase is designed for petals that would fall and "rest" on each surface and color. No need for water as we only need the vase and a flower to contemplate its beauty through simplicity and serenity.


Designed by Sarngsan Na Soontorn, the tableware collection depicts the contemporary interpretation of the Northern Thai folk crafts. After the process of glazing and firing, the underneath legs magically imprint beautiful patterns on the plate's surface as number of legs increases with the size. This item is guaranteed to add classical vibe to your dining moments.


Designed by THINKK Studio, the collection is Inspired by elements of ancient pottery. It’s timeless beauty could be harmonized with various styles of decoration. Each piece of Epoch Collection is carefully made by hand showcasing handcrafted textures and surfaces.


Designed by EGGARAT WONGCHARIT, this series is inspired by ancient Persian architecture. With a modern twist, the use of sapphire blue and turquoise green contrasted with hand-painted real gold lines add elegant elements to luxurious decoration.